Short Cuts Lyrics

Alexej N. Golowerda

A Prayer

To legislate by heart.
To execute by character.
To judge by mind.
To punish by soul.
To die by body.
To be forgiven by Lord.

Everybody Is Alright?

Everything seems to be alright.
It's a good feeling to know that everybody is alright.
But I am not alright.
But everybody seems to be alright.
I am not alright.
Everybody is right but I am not right.
It seems to be a problem.
It seems to be a problematical problem.
Well, all right, it IS a problem.
But it's only my problem, right?

Don't Weep

The rain is weeping
Not enough, not enough…
Come down and be here
My favourable, my admirable.
I have to cry.
I'm crying.
Quietly and painful.
Not enough, not enough…
My face is wet.
The rain is weeping.
Don't weep.

I Am Down

My heart is bleeding
My heart…
My blood…
 Is running.
  Is running down,
   and down.
And I am down,
   and down.
I am down.

I Am Exhausted

I am exhausted.
I am not able to handle.
I am despaired
From me, from you, from those things
Going on and reigning this world.
I am exhausted.
I am rubbed against the wall.
I am raped
By me, by you, by those things
Going on and not stopping to do their job.

I Am Full

Don't say me any words.
I am full of them and other silly things.
I am full.

I Feel

I feel tied,
And old,
And unsatisfied.

I Should

Shouldn't I die
Anyhow and anywhere
But now.
I'm surrounded.
I'm disappointed.
I'm already.
My existence is
To be ready.
To fall down.
To lie below.
With a stomach full of sorrow.
I prithee.


Back into the mother's womb.
Back into the death to be born again and again.

I'd Like To Die In Your Hands

I'd Like to die in your hands.
I'd Like you to die in my hands.
I'd Like to possess your body.
My body has a desire for to be possessed and exploited by you.
Love is an addiction.
Love wants to be cooked in a pan and eaten by a gang of monsters.

Roasted Bread

Going into the direction of the sun.
Feeling the pain of the burning skin.
Looking out like roasted bread.
Burning until nothing left.

I Like

I like your breast going up
And your naked body strained on the blanket.
Stretching my hands to your flesh
And love and enjoy and possess and love.

The Request

Let me kiss your feet.
Let me kiss your hair.
Let me kiss your lips.
Let me.

My God

Bring me the angel
Which pretends to be mine.
I'll debauch him.
Come out, my Devil
Which is my God at the same time.
I am yours.

My Star

You are bright.
You are far away from me.
You are cold.
You are my star and only mine.


O.K., O.K., O.K., O.K.
Every day
It's O.K.

The Putrefaction

Listen to the music of a withering.
Enjoy the melody of putrefaction.
Stay standing before the altar of Devil.
This is the sequence of your death.


I am talking.
I am walking.
I am jogging.
I am running away.

Simply Big

Big hamburger.
Big boobs.
Big business.
Only I am small.

Some Joy

I need some joy.
Have you got some joy for me?
Please, do me a favour:
 Bring me some joy.
  Bring me something like joy.
   Would you like to do it for me?
Oh! Here it is!
Thank you very much for your partnership.
Oh, yes, I'm enjoying myself.
Thank you very much.
It's very nice of you.

Somebody Is Doing

Somebody is laughing.
Somebody is screaming.
Somebody is killing.
Somebody is weeping.

A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day.
I am going away
Nothing to hold me back.
To say truly: There is always something to hold me back.
But I don't believe in it anymore.
I am up to make use of this beautiful day.
Good bye anyway.

The Everyday

The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Sky.
The Darkness, the Light, the Shredded Day, the Everyday.
The Past, the Future, the No-Future, the No-Past.
I am among of these things.

The Sense Of My Life

I am kneeling before you
Because I love you.
I embrace your legs
Because they are beautiful.
I undress you
Because I desire to feel your pain.
I enjoy your body
Because this body is the sense of my life.

The Smoke

The smoke is there. The smoke.
I am smoking. I smoke.
My mind is open now.
The smoke set my brain free.
I am free.
I am flying.
I am so-o-o easy.
Here I am.

To Think Or Not To Think

Operating with hands.
Looking for the sense.
Thinking about something or somebody.
Or not thinking…

This Environment

A dirty sky,
And a dirty shirt.
I feel uncomfortable in this environment.

This Is…

Look at this and be conscious of it.
Take this in your hands and make use of it.
Throw is away if you are ready.
This is your life.

To Be Pleased

What should I do to be happy?
How happy should I be
   to be pleased with me?
Why should I be pleased with me?
I don't want it really.

Very Good

Everything is there:
The rope…
The soap…
The hook…
Alright then.
Here I'm going.
Here I've almost finished.
Very good.

No Answer

What the on is going on here?
I don't understand.
What's up? What's wrong?
Now I wanna get an answer.
There is no answer!
There Is No Answer!!!
What the on is going on?
I don't understand.
Do you understand?

Who I Am (In Development)

I am the best.
I am the worst.
I am lost.


You are the only one you've got.
So be the one you wanna be, if not,
You'll be the one you haven't got.

Your Existence

Your existence is not necessary.


Running slowly.
Walking slowly.
Standing slowly.
Slowly dying.


To be free.
To be alone.
To be unattainable.

A Bad Condition

The sorrow — the pain — the pity.
Only tears… A very bad condition.

What Is An Experience

An experience is
To be ravished
Slowly and purposeful,
While you are observing a star in the nocturnal sky thinking of something else.

Just Thinking

I am thinking… I thinking…
Just wait a minute
Let me do a pause
Now I am thinking again… and again…
Hell, I am tied now.
Well done, I am a really good thinker.

Don't Believe

Don't believe!
Just ignore and simply go away!

A Fare Offer

Would you like to be dead right now?
Do appreciate this offer!

My Heart

My heart is a black piece of coal.
If you touch it with your hand,
You'll get dirty fingers.
If you throw it afterwards in the oven,
You may get a little bit of warmth,
If you manage to light it on.

Poison In My Cup

Don't put any poison in my cup of tea!
If you do it I'll become less palatable
And — to your disadvantage — more resistant
And used to any kind of poison.

The Divine Game

Who will give us the answer to all questions torturing our lonely and restless souls?
Nobody will. Don't you seen
It's the game of God we trust so much.

About Love

Let us talk about love.
Now! Do not!!!


I am staying here. And now
I am freezing on the ground.
Everything is great around.
I am tired. I'm a coward.

The Human Dimension

The heaven is above us.
The hell is below.
Nothing is between them, only a border.
We, people, belong to the second dimension.

The Poverty

Halt in the canyon.
Get out of the car.
Leave your case on the seat.
Take your glasses off.
Untie your tie.
Now, commence to undress.
Do it!
Now look what a poor naked creature you are.

The Suspicious Smell

Halt! Raise your head!
Close your eyes!
Can you smell this air?
This air is smelling of the war…
Open your eyes!!!

The Invisible Enemy

Somebody invisible is lurking in the bush.
Somebody in the shadow is just keeping his eyes on your body.
… … … … … … … … …
Quickly! Check your asshole!

Enemy of mine

My body is my weapon!
My soul is the fire of this weapon!
And they both are slaves of me!
I'm ready to ignore your peace!
I'm here to kill your body and to rape your soul!
I am here to oppress you!
My life is estimated in the grade of your pain!
My life is nothing without your death!
Be afraid of me!!!